Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Ummah - Sami Yusuf 2005

My Ummah Review - Sami Yusuf 2005

Sami Yusuf - My Ummah Album Cover

Following al-Mu’allim came the groundbreaking, genre-defining album, My Ummah. Moving on from al-Mu’allim it was no longer ‘percussive’ or ‘anasheed’ orientated. Musically, it combined several different genres, perfectly blending into one another and exposing the listener to some truly powerful pieces of music. Whether it’s the haunting and epic string arrangement of “Munajaat” or the lamenting of the nay flute in “Muhammad SAS”, one never ceases to be amazed by the musicality, versatility and virtuosity of Sami Yusuf and his gift for creating and combining both music and message. The album revolutionized “Islamic music” OR “Fan al Haadif” (OR “art with a meaning/message”). The most commercially succesful track was the Afghani folkloric song “Hasbi Rabbi” which became the biggest selling download in the entire Arab world (and much of the Muslim world) and which ultimately led to Sami being dubbed by Time Magazine as “Islam’s Biggest Rockstar”.

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